Keren Fridman Gadassi

Keren Fridman-Gadassi is the founder of the B.O.T (Birth Oriented Thinking) approach. She develops programs to promote communication in the delivery room. Keren trained more than 250 professionals such as: family physicians, midwives, psychologists, nurses, doulas, social workers, physyotherapists, and has a rich experience of instruction and teaching. She has over 20 years' experience working with women, couples and birth professionals who experienced loss and birth trauma. Her new projects include a unique collaboration with the delivery room staff, cultivating collegial emotional support among the healthcare providers (Partnership and Mentorship).


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Hilla Lev-Ran

Hilla Lev-Ran is the founder of the 'Women Friendly' initiative, a member in the developing team of the B.O.T and co-founder of the midwives' B.O.T programs. Hilla is a psychotherapist that specializes in trauma and attachment. She is an instructor of professionals in the field of childbirth and lecture on topics such as trauma, sexual injury, and caregiver-patient relationship. In Her clinic she attend women, men and couples with trauma and delicate situations around pregnancy and childbirth.


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Keren Tkach-Maliniak

Keren Tkach-Maliniak is a medical sociologist working as an independent researcher. Her thesis was written on women’s birth experiences, and her current research projects focus on manners which support and promote the well-being of delivery room staff. She masters quantitative and qualitative methods, and has a diverse research experience, including her positions an analyst on behalf of the OECD and as the manager of a social cognition lab in the academia. Hopefully she will begin her PhD work on healthcare provider-patient communication in the coming weeks. Aside from her research work, she promotes different support projects for midwives.