Conducting Medical Procedures

[during the program]

“They [some staff members] asked me to come into room number 3, where there was a woman refusing to be examined. As I entered the room I saw the woman dressed up with her own clothes, sitting straight without moving. I felt that there was an issue here, but I remembered from the course that I don't need to know the details. I presented myself and asked her how she felt, and she answered that she is having sporadic contractions, and doesn't want to get checked and to keep her clothes on. I quickly said: "of course you want to stay with your own clothes!" She smiled and whispered "thank you for your understanding." I explained that this was possible for now and when the circumstances will change, we'll have to think what we can do about it next. I left the room and came back after 30 minutes; she was walking around the room with sequential contractions. I offered to check her when there will be a break, she said that she doesn't think she can, so I asked if there was anything that could help her. "I don't want to take off my clothes," she said, and I then asked: "would it be fine for you to stay with your dress on, and just take off your underwear for the dilation checkup?" She looked surprised and asked me if it was possible to do that… and I nodded. After another contraction she came closer to me and finally agreed to the vaginal checkup.”