From The B.O.T Program Syllabus

Dealing a woman with sexual trauma/abuse in her past

  • Detecting post-trauma signs

  • Manners to ask and respond when a woman testifies obout sexual abuse.

  • How not to "dive into the story", while providing significant support.

  • Manners to identify coping strategies and concrete resources for the woman.

Vulvo-vaginitis Conditions 

  • Recognizing the various conditions causing the different symptoms.

  • Identifying the symptoms during the interaction in the delivery room.

  • Strategies for PV (vaginal examination) and other manners to provide care for a woman suffering from one of the symptoms.

  • Effective communication tools with the woman and her partner

Manners to address prior birth trauma

  • While providing care inside the delivery room.

  • During an birth-anticipating meeting.

IUFD (stillbirth) being with a woman

  • Creating an adjusted "goodbye process."

  • Exploring appropriate ways to communicate in the first minutes/hours after a stillbirth.

  • Recognizing the need for updated mourning practices.

  • The "rainbow baby" – the pregnancy and birth after the stillbirth