Midwife's Experience

There's a woman whose birth had not progressed for a long time. We tried to do everything we knew in the delivery room (posture changes, induction, painkillers...). I noticed that I was repeatedly asking myself 'Why is she not progressing??' I had a few moments, so I came in and sat down next to her and asked her "What's up?" She asked me what I meant and I said "I don't know ... what's going on here?" After a few seconds she said "I'm scared of the c-section". I did not answer as I used to (like: 'currently there is no risk of surgery' or that 'surgery is safe as a normal birth' or that 'we will talk about it if we get there and it will be concrete' or more answers I can pull out). Instead I said: "I'm interested to know what scares you in about c-section?" She said  things about physical and health issues, so I started writing them on notes, and each time I asked her 'and is there anything else?'; Until at one point she said:"I don't know what will happen to us, my husband, our partnership…" I kept quiet, listening. Then she told me a little more with tears in her eyes. I said I understand that a lot is going on and it is not easy. It could help to give this more time, which we don't have at the moment, and that I needed to leave. I promised her that I won't tell anybody about our privete conversation and asked her where she wanted me to put the notes. I also promised to come back in one hour. When I came back, she already had a full cervical dilatation.